Friday, 23 August 2013

Au Revoir Bordeaux - Hello Ireland :-)))

Bye bye Bordeaux.  We had an absolutely fantastic time and hopefully will come back again to this beautiful city some other time in the future .  Au Revoir - Nous t'aimons  xxxx 

Up up and Away !!!!

Here we are just about to board our flight to Ireland,  can't wait to see everybody back home veeeery soon :-).  My leather jacket was a present from my auntie and bought  here in Bordeaux in Galerie Lafayette. My denim skirt is from Ralph Lauren.  My little sister is a little worried that the pilot might take the wrong route home so I guess I had better reassure her as soon as we take our seats.  Have a lovely day :-)) 

Ready to board my flight to Ireland !

Hi guys, here we are in Bordeaux airport and about to board our flight back to Ireland . Looking forward to seeing all our family and friends back home .  My shirt today is from Wool oo Mool oo, my shorts are from Gap and my boots are from Melania.  Have a great day . 

Passports in hand and ready to go !

Hi there, here we are in Bordeaux duty free, ready and waiting for our flight back to Ireland.  Navy dress from Jacadi xx 

Last evening in Bordeaux !

Hello there, just enjoying our last evening in lovely Bordeaux.  Will do the big packing session later and up at 6am to catch an early morning flight :-) xx 

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Choosing some wine for Grandad

Hi there, just a quick stop off to buy some nice wine for my lovely Grandad :-). My white shift dress today comes from Zara Kids . Hope you had a great day :-) xx 

More Chocolate please

Hi there,  I begged Dad to bring me back to the delicious chocolate shop to buy some more delicious treats to take back home to Ireland but unfortunately it was closed by the time we got back . Maison Larnicol is a wonderful shop and  really worth checking out - if you plan on visiting Bordeaux .  My dress is from Stella Mc Cartney xx 

Bordeaux Speciality - Canales

Hello there, today I am going to try out a very highly recommended Bordeaux speciality - a Canele which is a little pudding type cake, made here in Bordeaux since the 1800's .  Baillardran is a chain of stores in Bordeaux famous for the best Canales .  My dress today is from Bonpoint .  Hope you have a very lovely day xxx

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Maison Larnicol delicious Chocolates

Hi there, just trying to decide which delicious treats to try from this amazing chocolate shop.  My dress today is from Stella Mc Cartney xxx

Floral Inspiration from The CatWalk

Here is a cute  kids example by Il Gulfo of floral inspiration from the runway shows 

Blooming Gorgeous

Check out these beautiful bouquets inspired by the autumn winter collection. Floral fabrics are big this  winter season from multi coloured to monochrome and these of course, have also transpired through to kids clothing .

Think Pink !

Check out this gorgeous candy  coloured palette from Strawberry Sorbet  to Bon Bon brights from the Autumn /Winter 2013 cat walk collection .  Lets bring summer into winter !!! Xx

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Cap Ferret

Stella Mc Cartney pin stripe shirt 

Cap Ferret - a sand island in that ocean ???

Hi there, we had super fun today  at Cap Ferret.  Huge crashing waves and a sand island in the middle  . My white shirt with orange pin stripes is from Stella Mc Cartney and my white shorts are from Burberry .  Hope you had a great day too. Xx

Autumn/ Winter 2013

Check out these gorgeous, elegant winter dresses from 'Fashion For Little People ' We love the shape , colour coordination and choice of fabric which we believe would be really comfy and cosy . xxx

Choosing a Plum from the Plum Tree

Good morning everyone, here I am choosing a plum from The Plum Tree for myself while my parents prepare a picnic .  We are planning to spend the afternoon and evening at Cap Ferret.  My green plaid cotton skirt with red ribbon band is from River Wood and top is from Girbaud.  Have a great day xxx

Monday, 19 August 2013

Quiz for Fashionistas

Check out this great illustration done by Damien Florebert Cuypers.  How many of these famous fashion celebrities do you recognise ???  give yourself 5 minutes...

The Vip = Derek Blasberg
The Couture Czarina = Ulyana Sergeenko
The Original = Susie Bubble
The Power Couple = Scot Scuhman and his girlfriend Garance Dore
The Peacock = Anna Dello Russo (of course)
The Wear-it-All = Yu Masai
The Living Legend = Bill Cunningham - who I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting last September at New York Fashion Week :-))))  If you haven"t seen the documentary about him I highly recommend it!!!!!

Lanvin Archives

This Illustration is from Lanvin 2006 Winter Collection and it's H &M collection 2010 

Isabel Marant Autumn /Winter 2013

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Posts this week

A Big Climb

Hi everyone, I had a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in Bordeaux city centre.  My Dad and brothers were playing rugby in an open square so I decided to climb this metal sculpture while waiting for them :-). My shorts are from Stella Mc Cartney and top from Cerise .  Hope your day was great xxx 

Essentiel Girls Top

Hope you like my hat bought at the market xx 

Sunday Morning Market

Happy Sunday, we found another lovely food market so plan on gathering some lovely food for lunch.  My top today is from Essentiel Girls and my shorts are from Miss Sixty .  Hope you have a nice relaxing day xx 

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Celebrity Kid Style

Harper Seven Beckham looking very cute here in her checkerboard dress and yellow Cardi. David not looking too bad either :-))) 

Love Lanvin

Hi guys another visual treat from Lanvin. We love their clothes, window installations and fashion illustrations.  Absolute eye candy !! 

Puppy Dog Tails

Hi there, we were having an afternoon stroll around Merinac and Clara got excited and yelped ' Mum look, these flowers look like puppy dog tails !'  I must admit I am still struggling to see the resemblance but that is the perspective seen through the eyes of a child :-) Hope you have a very lovely day xx Dress today is from ELLE.

Fashion is a Zoo

Good morning, hope you like this fabulous window installation by Lanvin on Rue de Fabourg, St Honore, Paris.  We think it's amazing!!! 

Friday, 16 August 2013

Aladdin's Cave

Good evening everyone . I just spent a very beautiful afternoon meandering the streets of Bordeaux and stumbled upon so many gorgeous things it was hard to choose which photo to show you.  This picture is of an amazing restaurant we found close to the promenade.  My shorts today are from Creem girl and my top is from Zara.  Have a great evening. Xxx 

A thousand buttons

Hello there,decided to wear my button top today as I think it's fun , it's got hundreds of buttons all over it and comes from Du Pareil au Meme and my trousers comefrom Bon Point.  Have a lovely day xxx 

The Wishing Well

Good morning, just contemplating a wish at the Well in the garden of our lovely Bordeaux friends Nicole and Pierre. Thank you both so much for your wonderful kindness and friendship xxx 

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Lanvin Window Display

Just thought we would share this gorgeous window display by Lanvin.  Hope you like it xx 

Having a lazy day

Skirt made by my Mum and top is from Marithe Francois Girbaud .  Happy Day to 
you xxx 

Back in Bordeaux

Hello everyone , we are now back in beautiful Bordeaux and having a lazy day after our 2 days of partying in San Sebastián.  My skirt today was made by my Mum and my top is from Marithe Francois Girbaud .  Have a lovely day :-) 

Goodbye San Sebastián

Goodbye San Sebastián, every minute of our two days were sooooo much fun !!! We are on our way back to Bordeaux now and going to pick up our lovely Auntie from the Airport.  Very excited about showing her lots of fun things we have discovered in Bordeaux xxxx 

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Hello from San Sebastián

Hello from San Sebastián.  We are having an amazing time in this wonderful city .  It's Carnival weekend so lots of fun things to do.  Tapas, Jazz music, fireworks, street artists, food stalls and many more super fun things going on here.  Fabulous city!!!  My shirt today is from Paper Moon.  Have a great evening .

Lets jump the waves

Paper moon shirt. Zara shorts and Jacadi dress 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Taking the ramp to the Beach - San Sebastian

Hi here, we have had a lovely stroll on the boardwalk and now going on the beach to jump  over the huge waves in the sea.  Lots and lots of surfers here and it looks amazing !!! My dress today is from the French company Jacadi . Xxx

Heading for San Sebastian

A very quick hello as we are busy  preparing for a trip to San  Sebastian.  Have car loaded up and passports packed to cross the border .  Looking forward to seeing this lovely seaside town .  See you later . The skirt I'm wearing is from Sisley and White cotton top from DOAM Have a great day xxx 

Monday, 12 August 2013

Picnic in the woods

Hi everyone, we had a delicious picnic in the woods today.  Glorious sunshine and delicious food ...........  Life is wonderful !!! My top today is from my favourite kids label Bon Point and my skirt is from Ralph Lauren.  The sun glasses are Mum's   Have a great evening :-) 

Chloe top

Here is a close up of my Chloe top which I love as it has several different tones of blue and green,  all blending together .xx 

Shopping for a picnic

Good morning , I am just on my way to the supermarket to buy some delicious picnic food. My skirt today comes from Bon Point and my top is from Chloe.  Have a very lovely day xxxx 

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Dancing on the lawn

Hi everyone, it's a beautiful day, sun is shining, classical music is playing in the background and I want to dance on this beautiful lawn.  Lucky for me this dress is perfect for dancing and doing lovely twirls .  Hope you like it - it is soft gold in colour and comes from Noa Noa . xxx 

Bag bought at the market

Hello there, just wanted to show you this bag I purchased at the open market.  The lady selling it had a sewing machine perched on her table and she was making bags in all different colours and fabrics while selling at her stall. We bargained this one down to €12 . Hope you enjoy a very nice day xxx 

Friday, 9 August 2013

The Ocean - WOW !!!

Sooo beautiful, I can't wait to get there fast enough :-) Hope you like my beach outfit, it's a blouse and shorts from Burberry . xxx 

Beach Time

Hi there - I just had the BEST day ever. I did get to buy my cool IKKS jacket this morning and then spent the afternoon climbing sand dunes and swimming and ended my evening in a Pizzeria for some delicious food follow by ice cream - Awesome day :-))) Hope you had a great day too :-) ,


Hello from this wonderful beach.  Views  here are spectacular, the combination of sand, sea and forest all in one space is truly awesome !!  My white cotton dress today is from DPAM.  My purple bikini with white polka dots is from Marie Chantal and the bag is by Emilie. Xxxx 

Should I buy ???

Good morning, out and about early this morning and having a look around the shops .  Have just fallen in love with this really comfy IKKS jacket which I would really like to buy so I guess I better find Dad and tell him how wonderful he is :-)))) Hope you have a lovely day xxx